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Reflections on Being a Presidential Innovation Fellow

Posted on about civic hacking, open gov, service.

I finished my Presidential Innovation Fellowship six months ago, and I feel like it’s taken that long to process the journey. For those of you who are considering government service, considering the Innovation Fellowship specifically, or merely curious, I offer these reflections on my year as a PIF.

Uncle Sam Wants YOU...to be a Hero Hacker

Posted on about civic hacking, open gov, service.

Round Three of the Presidential Innovation Fellows program is now accepting applications from creative, energetic policy hackers, entrepreneurs, user experience experts, designers, frontend developers, backend developers, system architecture wizards, data wranglers, and more to serve their tours of duty to radically improve the delivery of government digital services.

Why should you (yes, YOU) take time out of your busy schedule to apply (deadline: April 7)? Three important reasons:

Drag-and-drop In-Browser Dev Tools Review

Posted on about design, front-end development, tools.

Wouldn’t it be great if we designers/developers could just move bits of website around visually and get beautiful, well-structured code to work with out the other end? The stuff of dreams! If this is your dream, then this might be your year! In service of The Future, I tested (or attempted to test) four of the current front-runners: Webflow, Divshot, Froont, and Jetstrap. Read on for a summary and full reviews.

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