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The NOAA Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS) had a problem: no one knew that it flew satellites! (“Satellites? Isn’t that NASA?”) I worked with an internal NOAA-NESDIS team to strategize better outreach methods that told the NOAA-NESDIS story proactively, rather than reactively.

As part of this process, one problem identified was that NESDIS did not have a succinct document with go-to information on common questions such as satellite development status and current NOAA budget status. I worked with a communications team member to research what would comprise such common information, and then designed and wrote copy for a back-to-front newsletter that could be easily updated and published twice-yearly. “The Downlink” is now shared both in print and online. See “The Downlink,” Issue 1, here.

NOAA Satellite and Information Service International and Interagency Affairs Newsletter, "The Downlink"

Another part of this communications strategy work was to better understand the NOAA-NESDIS customer. I started by consolidating and organizing NESDIS International and Interagency Affairs mass emailing to MailChimp to take advantage of its advanced list management features. I also provided the design and illustration for the NOAA-NESDIS International and Interagency Affairs Division’s first outreach email campaign that advertised its new website.

NOAA Satellite and Information Service International and Interagency Affairs Email Campaign

Feature image James Bay (Canada) as seen from the Suomi NPP satellite
Source NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory